Breckenbrough at the National Finals of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths), NEC Birmingham

In June 2016 pupils from Breckenbrough School were crowned winners in their group at the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths tournament in the regional heats held at York.  On the back of this, they are at the NEC at Birmingham on the 14th to 16th March 2017 for the final, where our project will be pitted against the winners from other schools around the country.

What makes our entry stand out? Our project (pictured above) was designed and built from scratch by pupils who attend Breckenbrough School.

The project is a self-propelled vehicle fitted with ‘bumper bars’ and hazard sensors.  The vehicle was designed to be used by children with disabilities and visual impairments, this design means that if they approach a hazard, the sensors activate and issue a warning sound to alert them to stop.

Supported by the Design & Technology department within school.  All the boys worked hard on the project, with one of the individuals who was responsible for the major part of the welding, going on to attend a local college to further his welding qualifications.

Headmaster at Breckenbrough, Geoff Brookes said ‘We are incredibly proud of the achievements of our pupils.  The pupils and staff have worked hard to get to this point.  We are looking forward to the trip to Birmingham and we have everything crossed for the outcome. ‘


Our boys being interviewed at the Big Bang

Although we didn’t win, the boys made it through to the Big Bang Competition 2017 Finalists

The Big Bang Competition Team Feedback

We’ve spent the past couple of months collating our judges’ feedback for your Big Bang Competition 2017 Finalists. Please find below the feedback for ‘Toy for the disabled and poor of sight’.


 Toy for the disabled and poor of sight:


“Wow, what a wonderful project! The idea is clearly original and very creative, and the team took leadership of their work very well. Moving forward, we recommend the team looks for companies who would pay a licence to manufacture and sell this – there is obviously a strong market demand! We would also recommend some rebranding, as the current name doesn’t do the project enough justice. Well done! Keep going!”