Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan 2019-2022

The vision for Breckenbrough School is for it to become a beacon of excellence in the field of special needs provision in always putting ‘the individual needs of the students first’.

In order for us to achieve this, we must continually strive to evaluate, develop and improve our existing provision and take opportunities to develop new provision.

This means we must constantly strive to improve what we do in terms of:

  1. Governance, leadership and management of the school.
  2. Academic provision and outcomes.
  3. Social care provision and outcomes.
  4. Administration and support provision and outcomes.
  5. The efficient and effective use of resources providing value for money.
  6. Ensuring that the Quaker ethos sits at the heart of what we do for staff and students and informs our future planning and development.

The strategic thinking for reaching the above outcomes lies with the Senior Leadership Team and the Strategy and Development Group.

The Strategy and Development Group is responsible for the planning for the sustainability of the school. It has two functions; acting as a think tank and developing plans over time for the implementation of plans.

The Strategy and Development Group meets termly, but can meet more often as required.

Education and Resources Committees meet once termly, prior to the termly Board meeting.

The Senior Leadership Team meets weekly.

The Associate Leadership Team meets once a week.

The Middle Leadership Team meets once a week.

The leadership of the aspects of the Strategic Plan (as detailed below) is the responsibility of the designated person responsible for producing each detailed improvement plan. This includes managing, monitoring and evaluating each of the outcomes on these improvement plans.

The improvement plans for the Academic team, Social Education team, SEN team and Support team will be linked, as appropriate, to the Strategic Plan.

The reporting process of outcome and impact evaluations should be to the Board through Education and Resources Committees, with further discussion during the consequent Full Governors Board meeting.