Breckenbrough: A Strange Life To Live – A Documentary

This is a film written, filmed and produced by Rhys, a student of Breckenbrough as a part of his course work

What does Breckenbrough mean to you?

This is a question that everyone acquainted with our little slice of Alcatraz asks themselves at some time or another. Some come away from the School better for the experience. Older, wiser, in the simplest definition: Who they are meant to be.

Some don’t. This is the plain, blunt truth. Breckenbrough is not for everyone. Not every student finds a place, not every staff member enjoys coming to work. It’s sad but true.

The most important revelation about Breckenbrough, is just how difficult it is to wholly accept.

The good.

The bad.

And the inordinate amounts of wildlife, tame and otherwise, roaming the grounds.

To me, Breckenbrough is my home. And this, more than anything else, influenced my work on the documentary. But it is important to be conscious that not everything about the school is inspiring, fun, hopeful, whatever cheerful buzzword you can come up with. And seeing the School through rose-tinted glasses, is a good way to make sure you never get the most out of your experience here.

Because, while our good moments at Breckenbrough might enrich us. The bad moments will define us. Build us up for the sometimes harsh and unforgiving reality of the world beyond Breckenbrough.

But don’t get the wrong idea, I said Breckenbrough was a strange life to live, and I meant it. This doesn’t mean it isn’t the source of the most rewarding moments of my young life.

And will be for many more lives to come.

Rhys Sadler-Scott