Preparing for Life After Breckenbrough

Preparation and support for life after Breckenbrough is an important challenge for the school to help with.

Breckenbrough prides itself on preparing students for healthy and happy adult life.  This ranges from the social education provision, ensuring all students have a good understanding and appreciation of health and hygiene, to having a good understanding of themselves, their achievements and their specific needs.

We do not underestimate the challenge in preparing students for life after Breckenbrough. As such, this process can often start well in advance of the transition point. This preparation for adulthood is delivered in close partnership with parents and continues after the students leave school.  Our Beyond Breckenbrough aftercare charity employs a member of staff to keep in touch with and provide support for ‘old boys’, often in the guise of signposting services and support.  However, there is always a listening ear for former students and parents, emphasised by the ‘once a Breck boy, always a Breck boy’ philosophy of our former students.

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