Careers and transitions

Breckenbrough has been recognised for its outstanding careers work.  The school has been awarded the national Quality in Careers Standard awarded under licence by Prospects.  The Quality in Careers Standard is awarded to schools and education providers who can demonstrate the importance they place on careers and how they support students to make decisions about their life after school.



Introduction to our School Careers Lead & Adviser

Students meet with Sally in Year 9 before their annual review meeting. Students in Year 5-8 can self-refer or teachers/parents can refer students for Careers Guidance if this would be beneficial.

School has good links with North Yorkshire Business & Enterprise Partnership (NYBEP). Emma Thomas, from NYBEP, and Sally Leck, work together and arrange for employers to come into school to provide interactive talks for the students. Employer talks are based around areas the students express an interest in and these sessions are well attended. Students have the opportunity to sign up for the talks they are interested in.

In Year 9 the students receive a group talk about their GCSE option choices. In Years 10/11 some students benefit from spending part of the week out of school, for example completing a practical qualification, often supported by a Breck staff member and then coming back into school for academic subjects.  They will then meet with Sally for a one to one Careers Guidance session. This is always very informal at the outset and taken at the student’s pace. Sally reassures the students that she will not dictate but support the students with career ideas. The aim is for students to feel comfortable talking about their ideas and for them to gain an understanding of Sally’s role within school. Students have regular opportunities to see Sally and can drop in with any questions they have with about option choices/transitions. Sally produces a Careers Action Plan which records all that has been discussed in the Careers session. This is shared with the stuident, parents and is used at review meetings.

In Year 10 Sally ensures links are made with local area Career Advisers. Communication with students and parents is paramount when exploring Post 16 options and possible pathways for the future. Visits to Colleges and other providers can be arranged. Sally will accompany students on visits in Years 10/11. All options are explored in an impartial manner.

In Year 11 the students have a weekly group careers lesson in which they look at preparing for transition, complete a CV, practise interview skills, see application forms, consider job profiles, search apprenticeships, consider a range of colleges and complete a transition plan.  The students also go out on work experience if they would like to and feel ready to do so. This is flexible and can take place 1 day a week or as a block placement ( for 1 or 2 weeks). Students see Sally at regular intervals in Year 11 to ensure a clear Post 16 path is established. Some students stay on the school roll and complete A/AS levels, and sometimes GCSEs, in school. Others remain on the school roll but take part in a supported transition. This involves studying at York College or Darlington College but with the support of Breckenbrough staff. Students in the Sixth Form carry out an independent living programme. Remaining at Breckenbrough into the Sixth Form is subject to the Local Authority agreeing the continuation of funding.  Students who leave after Year 11 go onto College, Specialist College, work or apprenticeships.

Post 16 students receive Careers Guidance with University Application as well as looking at Further Education, Apprenticeships and gap years.

Beyond Breckenbrough is a new provision to offer support, advice and guidance to students who have recently left Breckenbrough School. It is available to students irrespective of whether they stay up to or past Year 11. Students or parents can contact Sally Leck for advice and guidance until the age of 25. All Students will receive a transitional pack when they leave. Beyond Breckenbrough is also a provision for life, and goes beyond the age of 25, but in line with the government’s EHCP guidelines, the main focus is up to the age of 25.

If you would like to contact Sally you can do so on [email protected] or on the School number 01845 587238 Ext 139. Sally is also happy to arrange face to face meetings with parents.


Information on post 16 and post 18 options for education and training, both locally and nationally.  The latest labour market information can be found here.

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