Our Students

Whilst there is no such thing a typical Breckenbrough pupil, he will most likely….

  • Recognise the importance of education
  • Have been unable to cope with the pressures of mainstream education
  • Want the opportunity to succeed
  • Have educational potential but is likely to be under achieving
  • Be eccentric and challenging in his behaviour, but is unlikely to have been involved in the Criminal Justice System
  • Generally be amenable to reason and will not need excessive structure and supervision in his leisure time
  • Welcome adult concern and support even through he may not always show it
  • Prefer adult company and get on with adults better than his peers
  • Be verbally skilled
  • Have at least one special talent, which can be developed and used to build his self image
  • Have, not far below the surface a genuine desire to be successful and to make a happier life for himself