Extended Curriculum

Breckenbrough Enrichment Programme

Enhancing education for life-long learning


What is Enrichment?

Enrichment can be described as extended learning opportunities or activities that engage students in developing essential knowledge, skills, values, and relationships as a vehicle for inspiring learning and encouraging academic and life success.

At Breckenbrough School enrichment forms a valuable part of educational philosophy and is incorporated in-to every aspect of our provision. We adapt areas of the academic curriculum into activities which are ex-citing, engaging, active, different from the regular school day, and full of learning.

What do we aim to achieve through Enrichment?

Our Enrichment Programme aims to hold student attention and motivate pupils to broaden their learning. By creating an enriching learning environment pupils develop a range of ‘smarts’. Smarts are another term we could use for intelligences/skills which directly impact our ability in a chosen area of study. Based on work by Dr Howard Gardner and Dr Spencer Kagan the ‘smarts’ we aim to develop are:

Word Smart – Written, Oral Communication Skills

Logic Smart – Analytic, Quantitative Skills

Picture Smart – Design, Colour, Spatial Skills

Music Smart – Musical and Rhythmic Skills

Body Smart – Physical, Movement, Non-verbal Expressive Skills

Nature Smart – Understand, Appreciate all Forms of Nature

People Smart – Understand others, Leadership skills

Self Smart – Understand own Feelings, Values, Goals

How is it structured?

Enrichment occurs throughout a student’s time at Breckenbrough, however there are key times when this is more focused and structured;

breckenbrough enrichment programme





Lunch time

Extended periods of unstructured time can often be difficult for our students. As part of alleviating some of these anxieties Lunch time clubs are available for all students to participate in.

The activities change each half term to give equal opportunity for all students while also maintaining interest and engagement. Some of the activities on offer include:

Sport club:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Hockey MSP Football MSP Handball MSP Basketball MSP N.A.
Poor weather alternative Hockey Gym Indoor Football Gym Handball Gym Basketball Gym N.A.
Example Sports Club schedule MSP—Main Sports Pitch

Wednesday Afternoons

During Wednesday afternoons our students have the opportunity to engage in numerous activities ranging from cooking to sports and even motorbikes (both riding and mechanics).

All the activities are well structured and organised, providing enjoyable, interactive opportunities. They provide opportunities for our students to gain extra qualifications through courses such as the ASDAN Personal Development, ARTS Award and Youth Sport Leaders.

Each half term the activities available are reviewed by both staff and students to ensure we are constantly improving what we provide and how we structure our afternoons.

You can find out more about our social education activities here.