Welcome to Breckenbrough’s FrogEducation

FrogEducation is a platform which is enabling Breckenbrough to digitally enhance how we are learning and teaching. The online environment will provide a space for:

  • Curriculum development – each subject can create a bespoke curriculum which best matches the unique way in which learning occurs at Breckenbrough. It will allow us to successfully capture those ‘intangible’ moments particularly in a practically driven subject.
  • Assessment and Tracking – providing gap analysis, we can best support the learning needs of pupils and specifically target areas for development whilst also recognising those areas which are already mastered.
  • Intervention, Catch-up and Revision – from the successful tracking courses will be able to provide additional learning opportunities for those pupils who wish to complete extra work or those who require more support. Exam revision can now be structured and completed on a digital platform which allows pupils to work at a pace suitable for them and test their knowledge.

Any questions regarding Frog and how we plan to expand this in the future, or help in understanding the progression report please do not hesitate to contact Adam Price directly.