Teaching & Learning

The Teaching and Learning culture at Breckenbrough has, at its core, our Quaker ethos which includes an expectation of the highest standards of individual excellence; the quest for truth … an openness to inspiration from whatever source it comes; an insistence on the equal rights of all people. This means that our commitment to the students in our care informs and dictates our best practice; our commitment to ourselves is that our teaching comes from informed research, development and reflection.

As a teaching and learning community we will achieve this through:

  • An open door policy and sharing of great teaching and learning in a safe, nurturing environment.
  • An approach which places reflection on our practice at the heart of personal development.
  • Lesson ‘drop-ins’ accessible to all staff, any time; to share ideas and to be inspired.
  • Learning walks / regular observations which recognise and celebrate good practice and provides developmental feedback where appropriate.
  • The opportunity to participate in wider group CPD opportunities, Learning Visits, Subject Excellence Forums and an regular Group Teaching and Learning meetings where we will share the very best of our practice.
  • A commitment to identifying and reviewing what consistently outstanding teaching and learning looks like in our school.
  • Most of all, listening to our students and taking their views on our practice and their learning into account in our planning and delivery.