Residential Units

Flat Unit

This is a self-contained multi-functional unit. It currently houses Post 16 students. There are three lockable bedrooms which all boys are invited to personalise. There is a small studio lounge with a basic kitchen facility and a dedicated bathroom and toilet. This unit also houses a classroom which can be used to support additional study.

Middle Floor

Middle Floor unit is a mixed age unit, generally for years 7 – 10. This is where work to enable the student to develop levels of self-care is started, student are encouraged to keep their room tidy and make their own beds, they are also encouraged to shower and brush their teeth. The staff try to do this with minimal prompting but are there to help any of the boys who are unsure. This forms part of their social development programme and boys are set targets to help them. As they grow into young adults the staff help them to become more independent with various aspects of their life. This unit is in the main building of the school and has a communal TV room with Sky and a games room. At one end of the unit are the showers and toilets and at the other end there is a large teaching kitchen with 4 cookers for the student use. The student on all units have access to this kitchen on an evening either for directed skills building or to cook something for themselves if they feel like it. Each boy has their own lockable bedroom [for which the staff have access keys] which they are encouraged to personalise with posters and possessions from home if they so wish. Each student is also encouraged to participate in the evening activities programme which offers a number of choices from sporting activities and cinema trips to meals out and outdoor pursuits. The ethos of the unit is based on a nurturing approach that encourages independence and social inclusion.

The Top Floor

This unit is a mixed age unit, generally for Year 10 and 11.  Each pupil has their own bedroom which they are encouraged to personalise with posters and possessions from home. There are six pupil bedrooms on this unit with showering and toilet facilities separated from the rest of the building. As with all other units there is also a staff bedroom so that a member of staff is on the unit through the night in addition to our waking care staff. This unit is where the independence training for the student really begins. Independent cooking and living is highly encouraged. This has its own kitchen and laundry facilities and the boys are encouraged to use these. There are staff available to assist student if needed. The boys are encouraged to partake in the cooking programme with the facility of a budget to go shopping and cooking the food that they have bought. There is assistance in menu planning and budgeting from the staff who work on the unit. They are allowed to join in with the communal meals if they so wish. While independent living is encouraged ASDAN programmes and certificates can be achieved. The students are offered a number of activities and trips on an evening, including, cinema, swimming, walks, badminton, board games, jigsaws, card games, DVD nights and lots more. We endeavour to make the units a home from home experience, offering social support and a family atmosphere.


Head’s House [so called because at one time it was the Headmasters house and the boys wanted to keep the name]

This is a modern two storey detached unit housing 5 bedrooms. There is a well-appointed kitchen and a spacious communal living room. This unit typically houses upper 6th form students and is designed to promote independent living alongside supporting academic learning and progress through the integral classroom. As in other 6th form units’ students are provided a personal budget and are required to cook at least one meal a day. Students are supported by dedicated unit staff who are in hand to assist and help deliver our independent living skills programmes.