Post 16 Hub

The Post 16 Hub in the Annex provides a place for our Post-16 learners to develop and grow through both directed and non-directed learning. The hub contains a range of academic and social spaces that can be used to support students to be better prepared for the neurotypical world when they leave Breckenbrough. The spaces within the hub include:

Learning Spaces 

There are four micro learning spaces within the hub. These house a range of timetabled academic and social learning for Post-16 learners. When not timetabled, these spaces are also available for Post-16 learners to carry out independent study. These spaces can also be booked out by Post-16 learners studying on site.

Careers Room 

We employ an onsite Careers Lead and Adviser at Breckeenbrough School. All Sixth Form students work with this role on planning their next steps and long -term career aspirations. The Careers Lead and Adviser works with the students to visit Colleges, Universities and supports the setting up of Apprenticeships for students. Work experience is key for many of our Post 16 Students and they set up valuable placements and ensures students feel supported and ready to start their placements. A lot of planning goes into matching students to suitable work opportunities, as well as ensuring support is in place for transitions to Colleges and Universities. The Careers Lead and Adviser works with the students via 1 to 1 careers guidance interviews, as well as in small groups. Unifrog is a database used within school to assist students look at Universities and apprenticeships. In order to expand our students knowledge of the world of work there are trips out of school to different areas of employment to deepen students understanding, as well as employers coming into school to talk to small groups of students. We have good links with North Yorkshire Business and Enterprise Partnership and students can attain an accredited qualification in Employability Skills. Sally works closely with our Enterprise Adviser from Labman (a local robotics company), to enhance our links with employers.

Training Bedroom

There is a training bedroom for the delivery of ILS activities. This space provides opportunities for non-residential students to acquire and hone vital home making skills relative to a student’s life beyond Breckenbrough. These spaces are timetabled in alignment with each Post-16 students ILS study programme.

Kitchen Diner 

There is an operational kitchen with accompanying dining area. During breaks and over lunchtime, this area is available for students to make hot and cold drinks, with the dining area available for students to eat their lunch away from the main dining hall should they wish. This area is also used for timetabled ILS sessions that support students to acquire and practice skills in cooking, cleaning and home making.

Common Room 

This space is a calm area for students to take time out, rest and socialise. This space contains sofas and chairs and access to a TV for break and lunchtime.


There is WiFi access for students throughout the ILS Hub and this can be accessed in the usual manner.