Social & Alternative Curriculum

Keyworker Outline and Approach

As part of their ongoing social education and development at Breckenbrough, each student is assigned a Keyworker. A Keyworker strives to uphold a special interest in a student through targeted support and personal interaction from day to day. Each Keyworker has direct responsibilities for working with a number of specific students, giving them reassurance to feel safe and cared for and building relationships with them and their parent or carers, in order to promote the best possible social growth, personal development and support their academic achievement.

A Keyworker:

  • Helps a student become familiar with the setting and to feel safe and confident
  • Talks to parent/carers to make sure the needs of the student are being met appropriately
  • Makes sure that records of development and progress are shared with parent/carers and other professionals as necessary, through the completion of the Tracking Social Progress system.

Keyworkers are the lynchpins of a student’s social education during their time at Breckenbrough. They help to create and uphold the positive atmosphere in which a student can thrive. The role of the keyworker is diverse and includes keeping regular contact with the student and guiding their social development within school. We use a number of systems to monitor and support social education. A Keyworker will monitor and evaluate progress through the student Tracking Social Progress records and the student Individual Care Planning, sharing this information with parents and carers. Keyworkers regularly meet with other professionals such as subject teachers, specialist practitioners, senior leaders and Local Authorities. Keyworkers are also expected to contribute to review meetings and provide a report on social progress within school.

All Keyworkers at Breckenbrough are:

  • Committed to their role.
  • Good communicators.
  • Calm and confident.
  • Open, sensitive and compassionate, particularly during periods of transition.
  • Tactful – never forgetting the parents/carers are a student’s key carers.
  • Able to gather and share relevant information, on a needs to know basis.
  • Able to prioritise to make the time to regularly communicate with a student and their parents/carers.
  • Advocates and role models as a significant adult in school.

Through a Keyworker, parents/carers can have access to information on their child’s social education at any time and can discuss any areas of Social Development that they may feel need supporting. Parents or carers are able to meet with Keyworkers by appointment at any time of the academic year. Any decisions about a student or changes in the way we are supporting them are shared with parents and carers at all stages.

Tracking Social Progress (TSP)

Our in-house Tracking Social Progress model and a set of associated soft tools aligns with a student’s EHCP targets, alongside assisting to identify additional or supplemental areas of development. The system proactively guides and supports social development and growth in a student, documenting this progress into tangible evidence.


The role of the Keyworker is to provide students with the necessary support mechanisms in order for them to feel empowered and challenged to succeed across the curriculum.

Independent Living Skills Programme (ILSA)

The Independent Living Skills Assessment supports the development of social and independent skills for all our students. This is now closely aligned with the ‘preparing for adulthood’ section within EHCPs.