Breckenbrough School’s enrichment programme runs every Wednesday afternoon with activities contributing to both the academic and social progress made by students across all year groups with activities age appropriate. Just like our school, our enrichment offer is bespoke to our cohort providing ‘specialist’ activities in order to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for our students to learn to manage their behaviours whilst making social progress.


This Assessment Tool will be used as a means of assessing the holistic development of students on
enrichment activities providing an adaptable and flexible framework by which we can measure academic,
social & emotional development during the enrichment activities on offer. It also supports staff in
identifying each student’s needs thereby tailoring future sessions to address those needs.
The tool provides a clear visual snapshot of current ability, understanding and social levels. It is primarily
intended to be used to measure the impact of enrichment sessions on an individual between their start
and end point. Assessment charts can be easily converted to quantifiable data which can be used to
measure impact over extended periods of time or across groups of learners.
This Assessment will help us measure the impact of our enrichment activities and secure real results as we
measure progress and processes.