Food Technology

Food technology is currently delivered in Key Stage 4, with students following the WJEC Catering GCSE. The students undertaking this course have an opportunity to develop their skills within a vocational context and it provides students with the skills and experience expected of them if they wish to pursue a career in food. In addition, food preparation techniques gained will support their independence as this will equip the boys with the knowledge and skills to enable them to create well balanced, nutritious and appetising meals.

The following areas are contained in the Catering specification (Units 1&2):

  • The industry-food and drink.
  • Job roles, employment opportunities and training.
  • Health, safety and hygiene
  • Food preparation, cooking and presentation.
  • Nutrition and menu planning.
  • Costing and portion control.
  • Specialist equipment.
  • Communication and record keeping.
  • Environmental considerations.

Assessment requires completion of two controlled assessment tasks, incorporating a high proportion of practical work with supporting written evidence. The written aspect covers research on a set brief, planning for a practical exam and an evaluation of chosen dishes. A written paper is also assessed and focuses on the theory aspect. Weighting for the controlled assessment is 60%, with the written paper being 40% of final grade.

All parts of controlled assessment are recorded electronically and there is opportunity for the written paper to be taken and submitted electronically.