We are a Quaker Foundation school that specialises in autism, educating students who are diagnosed with autism and other conditions, taking students on roll throughout the academic year with them having completed our assessment process as to their suitability for the school, existing cohort and our suitability for them.

All students on roll at Breckenbrough are funded through their Education, Health and Care Plan.

Please see the guidelines for further information.

Thank you to every member of staff at Breck for all the incredible patience, support, dedication and care you have given to our son throughout his secondary school education. You helped him transition from a very challenging primary school period into the self-confident young man he is today. Thank you for collectively and skilfully building up trusting relationships with him and for the countless times you listened to and supported him tirelessly when he became upset. We are so grateful that you helped him feel safe enough to manage his anxieties, supported him to develop independent living skills and encouraged him to build durable friendships. We remain in awe about the way you helped him increase his social confidence and willingness to try out new activities and to work at his own academic pace in subject areas he enjoys which will hopefully result in him getting the A level grades he needs to take up his place at the university of his choice. You don’t just go the extra mile; you go well beyond the extra mile and have done so on many occasions. Our son’s life (and therefore the life of our whole family) has been positively transformed beyond our wildest dreams. Words are not enough to express our heartfelt thanks.

Parent comment July 2023