Guidelines for Parents

To place a child at Breckenbrough there needs to be support from the child’s Local Authority or Social Services. Normally this would need an EHC Plan or Statement of Educational Need from the LA.

A child needs to fulfil the following criteria;

  • The pupil has academic potential and would like the opportunity to succeed educationally.
  • The pupil recognises that they have had and do have problems in school.
  • The pupil is willing to address their problems and progress.
  • The pupil is not a threat to other pupils.

Once an EHC plan is in place for a child or young person, it is unlikely to remain the same over time.

At least once a year, subject to certain exceptions, the EHC plan is required to be reviewed under the provisions of the Children and Families Act 2014.

For full details please see the Admissions Policy and Procedure