Sports Premium

The premium must be used to fund additional and sustainable improvements to the provision of PE and sport, for the benefit of primary-aged pupils, in the academic year, to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles.

Sports premium 2017/2018

We have attracted a total of £2000. We have allocated all of this funding to go towards the cost of an air track system which totalled £4140. This new system allows the students to experience basic trampoline skills which helps with their balance and core strength. We are able to link the activities in with any occupational therapy activities which the pupils may have been asked to practice by our therapist.

Sports premium 2016/2017

We have still attracted premium to assist with the promotion of physical education for primary age students, this year it totals £2500. Predominantly this has been used to train our staff to deliver a wider curriculum in areas in which our students generally struggle with i.e. watersports.

Many pupils when they join us have not had the ability due to their sensory needs or due to their personal resilience to even enter a swimming pool building never mind entering the public baths. Our students sensitivities can include an aversion to water and the use of public facilities that may have a different level of cleanliness to their own home and bathrooms. We have worked towards breaking down these barriers, either by offering swimming for pure enjoyment or in lessons. If the barriers prohibit this engagement in a public baths an alternative is offered in water based physical activities at the seaside i.e body boarding, surfing, canoeing etc. We have been able to train our staff to be qualified to deliver these activities as we know that we can increase the likelihood of student engagement if they have the ability to work with our staff team rather than external providers. This training cost £865

We have also enhanced our gymnastic equipment with the purchase of 3 pieces of new equipment totalling £1224. Our program of gymnastics improves both physical and mental stamina along with balance, flexibility and resilience, all of which or students struggle with. The new equipment allows us to widen the activities we can offer our students.

Sports premium 2015/2016

Breckenbrough has received a total of £2000 through the sports premium.  This funding has allowed the school to provide a variety of gymnastic equipment, which has proved very popular with the boys.  The equipment has also enhanced the occupational therapy offered to the boys, which promotes self regulation and motor control.

Gymnastics promotes good posture and body awareness which is essential for most teenagers but even more important for someone with ASD. The ability to enhance core strength will increase a young persons’ posture and general wellbeing. Gymnastics can be performed as an individual but also as a group and can assist in developing social skills and helping others. The sports premium has enabled us to enhance the equipment in school which has led to a wider choice of curriculum options for PE as well as being encompassed into the out of school day options.

The funding has also been used to further develop the skills of our teachers and instructors, to be able to deliver different options such as surfing, canoeing and kayaking.

Sports premium 2014/2015

We have received a total of £2500 in this past academic year linked to sports premium. This money has enabled us to replace a large quantity of our aging sports equipment as well as buying a new range of equipment to enable us to offer a greater range of field activities including discus and javelin, etc. something we have not been able to do in previous years. The pupils have a really positive engagement in sport over the whole school day, either as lunchtime or evening activities both on and off site and as part of the national curriculum in PE lessons.

We have now been able to install a new multi sports pitch over the very old tennis court area. The funds for this have been initiated by our original sports premium received in 2013/2014 totalling £5000. The remaining £15000 were raised through school fundraising and local neighbourhood support. The pitch offers a stable and reliable playing surface throughout the whole year which our pupils find invaluable. The engagement in lunchtime football has increased since the pitch was installed over the summer break and this offers not only physical activity but and an atmosphere to encourage and nurture social integration between pupil peers and adults.