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The small numbers of students sitting each exam make statistical analysis difficult, particularly with students who have so many barriers to learning and achievement. However, we do hope they give you a flavour of what can be achieved here at Breckenbrough.

To illustrate how at Breckenbrough we work with our students to succeed, we have shared a number of case studies. Student Case studies 

Key Stage 2 results:

Due to heightened levels of anxiety and arriving at the school with gaps in their learning, Key Stage 2 students do not take their SATS in Year 6. Students who arrive in the school from Year 7 onwards sometimes have Key Stage 2 data from their previous school, but for similar reasons listed above, many arrive without data and have not taken their SATS.

GCSE Results:

It has been another successful summer for our GCSE cohort. 100% of students achieved a minimum of a 5-4 in the reformed science qualification, with Maths and English maintaining a consistency in our pass rates. Humanities and art continue to thrive with students achieving good grades across an increasingly diverse range of subjects.

100% of our GCSE students achieved the qualifications necessary to progress on to their Post-16 pathway.

A Level and Level 3 Results’ 2018:

We are exceedingly proud of the achievements of our 6th Formers this year. We had two students leave us to take up places at University; one (Economics B, Government & Politics C, Mathematics C) to Lincoln to read Economics and one (Geography B, Law C, History C) to York St John to take up his place studying Law. We wish them the best of luck and are certain, with them being so close, we will see and hear from them plenty over the next few years.

We were also elated with the grades achieved by our Lower Sixth. One of our students, working with the Cleveland College of Art & Design, achieved a B in History of Art and a C in Photography both at AS Level, and will be continuing his studies with York College whilst under our care. One of our students already working with York College, we are also proud to announce, has excelled with his achievements of an A* at A-Level Maths, A at AS Further Maths, A in AS Physics, and B in AS Computer Science. We are also over the moon to share that our student who has been working towards his Level 3 Diploma in Creative Media Production has passed with a Distinction. Our congratulations go out to all of them.

Those of our Lower Sixth studying within Breckenbrough have also some very impressive achievements to be proud of. One of our students has achieved an A at AS Maths and will be studying A-Level Mathematics and Computer Science with us. Our final 6th Form student has excelled himself in the first year of his A-Level studies here to achieve a C at both AS Government & Politics and History.

GCSE results:

Breckenbrough School GCSE Results 2018

Breckenbrough School GCSE Results 2017

Breckenbrough School GCSE Results 2016

Exams in reformed English language, English literature and maths GCSEs will be taken for the first time in 2017. These will be graded from 9 to 1, instead of A*to G. For the full explanation from Ofqual, follow the link Grading new GCSEs from 2017

By the summer of 2018 a mix of numbers and letters will be awarded in an additional 20 subjects, with the letter system entirely phased out by 2019.

GCE results:

Breckenbrough School GCE (AS & A) results 2018

Breckenbrough School GCE (AS) results 2017

Breckenbrough School GCE (A2) results 2017


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