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The small numbers of students sitting each exam make statistical analysis difficult, particularly with students who have so many barriers to learning and achievement. However, we do hope they give you a flavour of what can be achieved here at Breckenbrough.

To illustrate how at Breckenbrough we work with our students to succeed, we have shared a number of case studies. Student Case studies 

Key Stage 2 results:

Due to heightened levels of anxiety and arriving at the school with gaps in their learning, Key Stage 2 students do not take their SATS in Year 6. Students who arrive in the school from Year 7 onwards sometimes have Key Stage 2 data from their previous school, but for similar reasons listed above, many arrive without data and have not taken their SATS.

Summer 2023 exam and transition information

GCSE results 2023

Overall 30% of students achieved 9-4

Core subjects 25% achieved 9-4

Basics 25% achieved 9-4

Reformed combined science 25% achieved 4-4 or better



At Breckenbrough we provide our students with a broad range of subjects and opportunities that will broaden their horizons whilst providing the next stepping stones to University life, further education or the world of work.

Our post 16 provision has grown from strength to strength over recent years and our Careers Lead, Sally Leck works hard to source the most appropriate courses at the best universities for our students. It is due to the hard work of the staff as well as our aspirations, our students and their families now believe that anything is possible.


GCSE results:

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Breckenbrough School GCSE Results 2019

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Exams in reformed English language, English literature and maths GCSEs will be taken for the first time in 2017. These will be graded from 9 to 1, instead of A*to G. For the full explanation from Ofqual, follow the link Grading new GCSEs from 2017

By the summer of 2018 a mix of numbers and letters will be awarded in an additional 20 subjects, with the letter system entirely phased out by 2019.

GCE results:

Breckenbrough School GCE (AS & A) results 2019

Breckenbrough School GCE (AS & A) results 2018

Breckenbrough School GCE (AS) results 2017

Breckenbrough School GCE (A2) results 2017


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