DEMAND have done it and fund raised enough money to give Breckenbrough a Shell Chair!

The charity DEMAND Design & Manufacture for Disability is to produce a specialist sensory rocking chair to help the students at Breckenbrough.

The project has been supported by the Co-op Local Community Fund, with local people’s kind support, have raised the £1134.00 needed to make this chair.

Each chair is built to accommodate the needs of children and teenagers with autism and other sensory processing disorders using a fabric hood to restrict light and sound input. The chair provides a safe place that students can learn to go when the stresses of the day simply get too much, meaning the children can recharge, recollect themselves and better cope with sensory overload.

A huge thanks to DEMAND, Co-op Local Community Fund and all the kind donations to the Co-op Local Community Fund to enable the school to receive this fantastic resource in the new year!