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Dogs for Good – family dog service

We cannot endorse this or any other service but we publish it as a matter of interest to students and families

Family Dog workshops provide parents of children with autism with the advice and long-term support needed for choosing and training a dog to benefit the whole family.

Family Dog workshop

Book a workshop

View our workshop locations and dates for 2020Book nowOur Workshops are ideal if you:

  • Are at the early stages of considering getting a dog to help your child with autism
  • Know that you want to get a dog and are looking for help choosing and handling a dog
  • Already have a pet dog but would like training ideas and support

We run a series of three one day workshops for families. At these you receive a combination of practical demonstrations, discussions, hands on learning and course hand outs. Find out what our workshops cover.

Our specialist advice and support has brought life-changing benefits to whole families. Research has shown that the families we work with have lowered parental stress, they go out more together and children with autism have fewer meltdowns as a result of their pet dog.

Long-term support

Following the workshops, ongoing support is available to families that qualify including telephone support, online resources, and a private Facebook group.

50 Things To Do This Summer

Summer holidays are long. Often boring. This little book will hopefully give you a few ideas that you can use over the holidays to keep your mind active and even learn some new things. Why not try them out? What’s the worst that can happen?? Don’t worry – there’s ideas galore in here. Some involve some technology, some involve reading, some involve actually getting out of your chair,
but… if you try at least one of these, you’ll be better for it and you’ll learn something new!


Exams 2018


The 2018 exam timetable is now underway at Breckenbrough.

During this time we try to keep visitors to a minimum and your help and understanding with this is very much appreciated.

School Closure

Owing to the extreme weather conditions the decision has been made to close the school to all students and staff, as of lunch time on Thursday 1st March 2018. Read more

Outstanding Residential Ofsted report

“The staff in this school work as one united team. Consequently, the delivery of the 24-hour curriculum is seamless. The students benefit tremendously from all of the staff spending quality time with them in the school and in the residential setting. Staff spending quality time with the students ensures that the staff team has an all round understanding of each student’s social and academic needs. This strengthens the student-and-staff relationships, and continually reinforces social and academic learning.”

Ofsted Residential Inspection report – November 2017

DEMAND have done it and fund raised enough money to give Breckenbrough a Shell Chair!

The charity DEMAND Design & Manufacture for Disability is to produce a specialist sensory rocking chair to help the students at Breckenbrough.

The project has been supported by the Co-op Local Community Fund, with local people’s kind support, have raised the £1134.00 needed to make this chair.

Each chair is built to accommodate the needs of children and teenagers with autism and other sensory processing disorders using a fabric hood to restrict light and sound input. The chair provides a safe place that students can learn to go when the stresses of the day simply get too much, meaning the children can recharge, recollect themselves and better cope with sensory overload.

A huge thanks to DEMAND, Co-op Local Community Fund and all the kind donations to the Co-op Local Community Fund to enable the school to receive this fantastic resource in the new year!

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