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Trips week 11th March to 17th March 2019

Year 10,11,12 and 13 – Ski trip, Italy, Saturday 9th March – Sunday 17th March

Year 9 – France trip, Sunday 10th March – Wednesday 13th March

Year 8 – Edinburgh day trip, Thursday 14th March

Primary & Year 7– Eden Camp day trip, Thursday 14th March

50 Things To Do This Summer

Summer holidays are long. Often boring. This little book will hopefully give you a few ideas that you can use over the holidays to keep your mind active and even learn some new things. Why not try them out? What’s the worst that can happen?? Don’t worry – there’s ideas galore in here. Some involve some technology, some involve reading, some involve actually getting out of your chair,
but… if you try at least one of these, you’ll be better for it and you’ll learn something new!


Exams 2018


The 2018 exam timetable is now underway at Breckenbrough.

During this time we try to keep visitors to a minimum and your help and understanding with this is very much appreciated.

School Closure

Owing to the extreme weather conditions the decision has been made to close the school to all students and staff, as of lunch time on Thursday 1st March 2018. Read more

Outstanding Residential Ofsted report

“The staff in this school work as one united team. Consequently, the delivery of the 24-hour curriculum is seamless. The students benefit tremendously from all of the staff spending quality time with them in the school and in the residential setting. Staff spending quality time with the students ensures that the staff team has an all round understanding of each student’s social and academic needs. This strengthens the student-and-staff relationships, and continually reinforces social and academic learning.”

Ofsted Residential Inspection report – November 2017