Academic Education

Breckenbrough is a special school in the truest sense by providing a platform for all students to achieve their academic potential, regardless of their complex needs and the barriers to learning experienced on a daily basis.

Whilst Breckenbrough School is a special school, our students follow the National Curriculum with a clear and established progression from Key Stage 2 through to Further and Higher Education. We offer a full GCSE programme, with the option of A Levels, BTEC or vocational studies within the Sixth Form.

Through our curriculum, we achieve positive outcomes in various ways:

Providing a bespoke curriculum, which the whole cohort can access and through which everyone can achieve.

  1. Demonstrating an understanding of our cohort’s complex needs, which allows the teaching team to devise, plan and implement quality learning experiences.
  2. Providing a learning environment with small group numbers and high staffing ratios in order to support our students in over coming the various barriers to learning experienced within mainstream provision.
  3. Clear and established progression routes to suit the range of academic and vocational skills we have within the school.

Academic success is important for Breckenbrough students, often being a foundation of their self-esteem and self-worth. Our students are proud of their achievements and understand that studying at Breckenbrough can be a springboard for the next stage of their young lives.

When a potential new student begins an assessment placement at Breckenbrough, as part of the process they will complete a Wrat5 literacy assessment with the Senco.

Those boys that require additional interventions in school may be supported in a number of ways, such as through dedicated 1:1 support, or through a more specific intervention programme, such as Spellzone, Lexia, or an adapted programme based on ‘Teaching Literacy to Learners with Dyslexia’ (Kelly and Philips, 2016). These programmes are led by a qualified specialist teacher of Dyslexia and the intervention team. In addition, students may have access to Dr Elly Frith, clinical psychologist, and Future Steps, the Occupational Therapy team who work directly with the school.

Furthermore, all boys are assessed and supported in preparation for their exams, by ensuring any appropriate access arrangements are in place. These assessments are carried out by the on-site assessor using test materials such as CTOPP-2, and WIAT-II T.

"My son is a different boy! so positive about school. Last year I had a young man at home unable to attend mainstream education and desperately unhappy. Now his is well on his way to a happy time in his education, he bounces out of bed every school day and talks about his day at school. I can only say this is down to the fantastic staff and boys at Breckenbrough."