Post 16 Offer

Post 16 Offer 

At Breckenbrough we are unique in our Post-16 offer as we tailor programmes to the individual needs of our students, whether that be following A-Level study or vocational programmes. We have great partnerships with local colleges which gives us the flexibility to offer a wider range of courses for our students while still being able to offer the consistency and ethos of Breckenbrough School. 

On site 

At Breckenbrough we offer a Sixth Form programme which is delivered jointly by experienced teachers and the Social Outreach team through both A-Level study programmes, a comprehensive range of Independent Living Skills and other accredited programmes. Our study programmes are unique and tailored to the individual needs of each student with very small class sizes, often just two or three students. This enables us to provide a high level of direct support to our students. Additionally, we offer extra teaching support after school with a daily Homework Club for both residential and non-residential students to support them with their independent study. 

Off site 

We work closely with a number of different colleges in the local area such as York College and Darlington College and other providers to tailor unique programmes for each student. These vary from studying A-Levels to studying more vocational qualifications. This also gives the students the opportunity to study in a mainstream environment but still have the added support of our Outreach Workers who are based at the local colleges and providers to support the students with both their daily routine and transition from Breckenbrough. This helps to provide consistency both out of school and within school for the students with any needs and support which they might need. Over the years this has proved to be a very positive and successful way for our students to transition into a mainstream college, preparing them for the next steps when they eventually leave Breckenbrough.