Occupational Therapy

Breckenbrough employs a permanent occupational therapist based on site for students to access. The primary goal of Occupational Therapy is to enable people to participate successfully in the activities of everyday life.  Occupational Therapists achieve this outcome by enabling people to do things that will enhance their ability to live meaningful lives or by modifying the environment to better support participation. At Breckenbrough School, the Occupational therapists’ role is to identify, assess and provide specialist intervention to support the students to participate in school life successfully, while also considering their individual physical, social, psychological and emotional needs.

The individual students are assessed and offered a bespoke programme, based on their specific targets outlined in the child’s Education, Health and Care Plan. Students may be supported through individual sessions with the occupational therapist, as well as through strategies shared with and deployed by teaching staff in the classroom. In addition, students with sensory processing difficulties are offered regulation programmes which are integrated into the student’s day and monitored regularly.

Specialist intervention is led by a Sensory Integration trained Occupational Therapist who is HCPC registered and a member of RCOT and The Sensory Integration Network. The sessions are underpinned by Ayres Sensory Integration Theory, Neurodevelopmental Theory and Attachment Theory among others.