Breckenbrough Computing Ethos

The emphasis of computing here at Breckenbrough is to equip pupils with the skills to be able to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and contribute to the world around them.

This is done by offering an engaging and challenging curriculum that allows pupils to apply the fundamental principles and concepts of computer science including abstraction, logic, algorithms and data representation.

Computer software and programs used in lessons have been chosen with the needs and interests of pupils at Breckenbrough in mind. Topics of study include Kodu game design, Scratch, Python programming, e-safety, computer networks, system architecture and algorithm design with Flowol.

The curriculum follows a clear progression throughout KS3 building on skills as pupils progress from year 7-9.

KS4 is based on OCR GCSE Computing (J277). This course is made up of two written papers with each paper worth 50% of the overall grade.

Paper 1, Computer Systems J277/01 covers topics such as, computer hardware, data representation, storage, networks, security, software and ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns.

Paper 2, Computational thinking, algorithms and programming J277/02 covers algorithms, programming techniques, computational logic, translators and facilitators of language.