Breckenbrough Computing Ethos

The main emphasis for computing here at Breckenbrough is to keep things educational, technical, challenging, interesting and fun, in-line with the national curriculum.  The main focus is kept on key curriculum areas such as computational thinking, computer hardware and computer programming. We also do other things such as fun game designs, graphic design, and on-line safety as well as teaching basic computer maintenance which includes the opportunity to take apart and build a computer.

KS4 is based on OCR GCSE Computing (J276). This course is made up of two written papers and a non-examined assessment (NEA). Each written paper is worth 50%.

Paper 1, Computer Systems J276/01 covers topics such as, computer hardware, storage, networks, security, software and ethical, legal, cultural and environmental concerns.

Paper 2, Computational thinking, algorithms and programming J276/02 covers algorithms, programming techniques, computational logic, translators and facilitators of language and data representation.

The NEA project requires candidates to follow one of three chosen briefs and use a programming language to analyse, design, develop, test and evaluate a computer program.