Personal Social Health and Religious Education

At Breckenbrough School, PSHRE is not just a subject taught within the curriculum, it is intrinsic within every aspect of the school – both the formal and informal curriculum, the taught and extended curriculum. We seek to enable our students to re-engage with education and develop their personal and social confidence and skills within the Quaker ethos of the school. Many of our students will find some of the units of study quite challenging, as they can have great difficulty dealing with emotive issues. As such, we take account of the needs and sensitivities of each individual student and approach all topics with compassion and understanding.

Many of Breckenbrough’s students have found the formal study of different religions and cultures difficult due to their very rigid understanding and opinions. After consultation with our staff, we have developed a curriculum, which aims to deliver an RE course which is integral to the ethos of the school and Quakerism-‘seeing the good in everybody’ – which emphasizes tolerance, peace, knowledge of self and others and conflict resolution.

We believe that:

  • The social and emotional development of students at Breckenbrough is a critical aspect of their ability to understand the society in which they live and prepare them for adult life.
  • The PSHRE curriculum is most effective when delivered in a way appropriate to specific groups of students and that it is important to create individual learning opportunities.
  • It is important that students have access to information on different religions and cultures in order to develop an understanding and tolerance of the difference and diversity that exists in the society in which they live.
  • It is essential to provide opportunities for students to explore attitudes and values in a safe and supportive environment.
  • It is important to provide opportunities for students to develop knowledge, skills and understanding to empower them to make healthy and safe lifestyle choices
  • It is essential to support students to develop positive relationships and respect the difference and diversity in people.
  • We have a responsibility to raise student awareness and enable the understanding of different religions and cultures, to empathise with difference and recognise similarity.

How PSHRE is delivered

The programme is delivered in themed units across Key Stage 2, 3 and 4. Students access timetabled lessons of PSHRE each week. Both the curriculum and extended curriculum contribute to aspects of PSHRE, from weekly assemblies to work within curriculum areas, outdoor education and off-site visits. Keyworking sessions and counselling with the school’s psychologist, affords students 1:1 contact to discuss and explore relevant issues and the impact on their lives and ability to progress and grow emotionally and socially.

Students study aspects of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Quakerism, Buddhism and Sikhism, as well as exploring other faiths and lifestyles. Assemblies and cross-curricular themed activities provide opportunities to deliver religious education, with trips and visits also feeding into this.

KS4 pupils have the opportunity to gain qualifications through PSHRE in Personal Life Skills. Ran through OCR, it allows students to apply and evidence their learning from prior engagement in PSHRE as well as consolidate their understanding. The qualification is adaptable for all students’ ability due to the three levels available; Entry Level 3, Level 1, and Level 2. This allows all pupils to access and engage in the curriculum and qualification.

Personal Life Skills: