Speech & Language

Speech & Language Therapy

Speech and Language therapists support people with physical speech, language and communication difficulties, such as stammering. However, they also support people with communication issues that are secondary to other conditions such as Autism. People diagnosed with Autism often have difficulty communicating and interacting with others. They can experience difficulty making sense of what others say and using words and sentences to express themselves effectively. Understanding the non-verbal cues of communication, such as reading social cues and knowing when to speak and listen, can also be challenging for someone with Autism.

At Breckenbrough, we employ our own Speech and Language therapist who delivers speech and language therapy as specified in the child’s Education, Health and Care Plan. In addition, our therapist works alongside school staff to offer support and guidance in how we can support the communication needs of our cohort.

In addition, our SENCo is also a licensed Elklan Tutor and specialist teacher, delivering a variety of externally verified Speech, Language and Communication qualifications to a range of staff across school. The coming academic year will see the school working towards accreditation as a Communication Friendly Setting.