Social Education

Social Education Team

Outline and Function of the Soc.Ed Team

The young people who attend Breckenbrough have complex social and emotional needs. It may be that they are yet to learn these skills or have miss-acquired the essential skills and pathways required for positive social interactions. Our student’s social difficulties are complex and are often exacerbated and compounded by additional social, emotional, sensory or cognitive challenges.  

Those young people who are not encouraged to acquire social and life skills are, on leaving our protective community, at risk of social isolation, social neglect, social derision and a loss of self-esteem. Through a holistic approach, we recognise that social development cannot be separated from our other learning experiences.  

Opportunities for social growth and development exist throughout a student’s time in school. From targeted 1:1 support and guidance through to managed group activities and learning,our supportive social development and targeted independent living skills programmes enable our students to become socially skilled young people,competent to meet and navigate the world outside of Breckenbrough with confidence and resilience.