Social Education

Social Education Team (SET)

What is the Social Education Team?

In 2016 Breckenbrough took the progressive move to re-profile and extend the role of the Care Team. With careful consideration and consultation the senior leadership and governing body of the school have chosen to evolve the Care Team into a new department designated as the Social Education Team. This is not simply a renaming of this vital team but a shift in the scope and remit of this essential department. This provides opportunities to improve the quality of social learning, increasing the social resilience of pupils and preparing all our students to leave Breckenbrough better equipped to meet the challenges of life outside of school.

Outline and Function of the SET

Many of the young people who attend Breckenbrough have complex social needs. It may be that they are yet to learn these skills or have miss-acquired the essential skills and pathways required for positive social interactions. Our pupil’s social difficulties are complex and are often exacerbated and compounded by additional social, emotional or cognitive challenges. Those young people who are not encouraged to acquire appropriate social and life skills are, on leaving our protective community, at risk of social isolation, social neglect, social derision and a loss of self-esteem. Though a holistic approach we recognise that social development cannot be separated from our other learning experiences. Opportunities for social growth and development exist throughout a pupil’s time in school. From targeted 1:1 support and guidance through to managed group activities and learning our supportive social development and targeted independent living skills programmes enable our pupils to become socially skilled young people competent to meet and navigate the world outside of Breckenbrough with confidence and resilience.