Society today is much more aware of the scientific issues affecting the population and planet. At Breckenbrough, we aim to explore, investigate and understand the main scientific ideas that govern our world.

We encourage practical experimentation whenever we can and have two science labs for this purpose. We aim to develop practical manipulation skills with the help of specialist teachers.
Pupils are encouraged to understand and use the idea of ‘How science works’ , looking at and understanding the underpinning concepts which run through the physical, biological and chemical aspects of everyday life.

Our ultimate aim is to help our students to gain the tools needed to gain scientific knowledge from different perspectives, to enable informed decisions about scientific issues such as global warming, healthy eating and energy generation. All aspects of life currently shaping our futures.

Pupils are introduced to scientific investigation and theory in the Primary part of the school and have weekly science lessons from Year 7 when lessons are divided into the three disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Pupils in Year 7 and 8 develop the fundamental skills and foundations upon which scientific knowledge and enquiry are rooted. We look at a broad spectrum of content and give this greater depth as we drive toward KS3 and KS4, preparing pupils for the GCSE programmes of scientific study.

From Year 9, all pupils follow the AQA GCSE Double Award. The course currently takes the format of the Core element, a free standing GCSE encompassing many aspects of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Linked with a series of practical elements, they combine to provide a diverse GCSE. AQA Additional Science is the natural progression from Core, many of the aspects covered within the Core syllabus are built upon, and new concepts and ideas developed. The syllabus follows a similar template and assessment to the core and leads to an additional science GCSE.