Breckenbrough School Primary Provision is for children aged between nine and eleven years and in Years 4, 5 and 6. We provide a nurturing caring, environment for the learning to take place. We deliver a holistic curriculum with academic studies at an age-expected level, which is differentiated appropriately for each child to support them to achieve their outcomes.

Primary based teachers deliver English, Maths, History, Geography and PSHCE. The other subjects of Science, DT, Art and PE are taught by subject specialist teachers in rooms equipped with specific resources for each subject. Familiarity with these subject teachers and room allocations provides continuity and a smooth transition into KS3.

Each day starts with breakfast, followed by activities to support learning in core subjects, including reading. Maths and English lessons take place each day with other subjects spread out across the week. Reading is a key aspect of our leaning, and English is based around a new text each half term. Maths follows the KS2 topics, including number (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), fractions, decimals and percentages, shape and space and statistics. History and Geography topics include The Tudors, The Vikings, World War 2 and the Ancient Egyptians, Amazing Americas, Map skills and sustainability. In PSHCE we cover digital well being and global citizenship, alongside looking after ourselves and being a good team member in Life skills. During the summer term we also grow and care for our own edible garden. The curriculum map for the current academic year can be read here:

Primary Department Curriculum Map 2023-2024

Primary Department Curriculum Map 2022

Whilst the Primary curriculum follows the Year 5/6 topics, we are also aware that some students come to Breckenbrough with gaps in their learning, and so we plan to bridge those gaps, preparing individuals for accessing the KS3 learning when they transition to Year 7. We have two classes and additional teaching space to teach individuals or smaller groups to ensure we meet the needs of all students and address their learning needs.

One morning each week, Primary students access Outdoor Education with our trained instructors, and all students join a range of Enrichment activities each Wednesday afternoon. Outdoor Education includes activities such as canoeing, mountain biking, indoor and outdoor climbing, hill walking and beck scrambling. All equipment is provided by the school and there are many opportunities for the students to learn new skills and work as a team.

Within Primary, we support the students to begin to understand, label and manage their emotional wellbeing, using language around feelings. We support individuals to recognise their own emotional state and how to build strategies to begin to manage this with some independence. Within the Primary department, we have an outdoor space for movement breaks and a Quiet Room when students need time to regulate. Developing social skills is a key part of the day in Primary and we support the students to get along together, to share their learning space and how to communicate their needs in a socially acceptable manner.

We welcome visitors to the Primary department at Breckenbrough School and are happy to answer any questions about our provision.