At Breckenbrough we use a range of activities to encourage social education and develop our students’ confidence, self-esteem and social resilience through a 24 hour curriculum

Activities & the 24 hr Curriculum

At Breckenbrough we use a range of activities to encourage social education and develop our students, self-esteem, and social resilience. These opportunities also help to develop our students’ confidence in their own physical abilities as their skills increase and they develop teamwork as part of a group working to the same end. The various activities include a range of opportunities including physical activities such as mountain biking, climbingwalking and swimming. We always listen to our students when they ask to undertake an activity which we do not presently provide on- or off-site.  

The other activities we offer help increase the student’s confidence in other areas such as independent living and social interaction. These activities are varied but include budgeting, shopping, clubs, cooking and cinema trips. 

We strive to provide a varied programme of activities to meet individual wants and needs, with some activities being provided for as few as one or two students at a time, an example being one of our students enjoying taking part in a local chess club, which he does independently. 

We enjoy it when we meet a student who has an interest that we have not come across before and they can educate us about it and we then learn how to engage with them, to provide opportunities that are new to school. 

Extended Evenings: Offer the students that do not reside an opportunity to develop social skills, confidence, self-esteem and social resilience.

Travel Training: Travel training has proven to be beneficial to our students in enabling them to use public transport. It assists students to overcome challenges, removes barriers to independent travel and gives them greater access to jobs, services and social networks. 

Study Club: Study club offers many students of study in small groups or 1:1. Students can help fellow students when they have difficulties understanding something that they understand. 

Study club is beneficial as students are able to ignore the distractions of normal family life when at home and we offer a quiet space to work. 

Familiarity with teachers is also a plus point, and students are in an environment where they are already relaxed, which in turn will help focus on learning and improving educational outcomes for students.