Enrichment, Trips & Visits

What is Enrichment?

Enrichment can be described as extended learning opportunities or activities that engage students in developing essential knowledge, skills, values, and relationships as a vehicle for inspiring life-long learning and encouraging the development of healthy and happy adults.

At Breckenbrough School, enrichment forms a valuable part of our philosophy and is incorporated into every aspect of our provision. We adapt areas of the curriculum into activities which are exciting, engaging, active, different from the regular school day, and full of learning.

What do we aim to achieve through Enrichment?

Our Enrichment Programme takes place every Wednesday afternoon and is an opportunity for every student to broaden their experiences beyond the academic timetable. Crucially, the students have a choice in the activities available to them each half term, which can range from off-site experiences, independent living skills, physical and practical activities. We encourage the students to make varied choices in order to get the very best from the programme offered.

Here is an example of the enrichment programme:

Example Enrichment Programme






Breaks and Lunchtimes

Extended periods of unstructured time can often be difficult for our students. As part of alleviating some of these anxieties, lunch time activities are available for all students to participate in. Some of the activities on offer include football, gaming/coding, lego, art and using the gym. In addition, there are specific areas of the school open to the students should they require a safe and familiar space with staff support during breaks and lunchtimes.


Being based in the North Yorkshire countryside but within easy access of the A1 and A19, we have access to a huge variety of locations ‘on our doorstep’ and a little bit further allowing us the opportunity to offer our students a vast choice of educational, sporting and activity based locations.

The links shown on local site information within this section, list places we regularly use and gives a taste of the trips offered.

As well as local area trips, we also offer overseas trips to students, including an annual ski trip to Italy for the Y10, Y11 and 6th Form and a Y9 language and history trip to France.