Enrichment, Trips & Visits


Breckenbrough School’s enrichment programme runs every Wednesday afternoon with activities contributing to both the academic and social progress made by students across all year groups with activities age appropriate. Just like our school, our enrichment offer is bespoke to our cohort providing ‘specialist’ activities in order to provide a nurturing and supportive environment for our students to learn to manage their behaviours whilst making social progress.

All activities have an element of social interaction including, turn taking, cooperation, working as part of a team, discussion, and tolerance with our two key aims always at the forefront of our activities:

  1. To be themselves, aspire and be successful
  2. To develop strategies and coping mechanisms to move towards a level of self-actualisation to thrive in a neurotypical world.

The programme is designed so that students experience a range of different activities throughout the year, all designed to allow students to develop a range of important skills and coping strategies.

Students are encouraged to choose a range of activities during the year, but we appreciate that some activities may not be suitable for all students so allow them to make their own decisions when choosing.


Based as we are in the North Yorkshire countryside but within easy access of the A1 and A19, gives us access to a huge variety of locations ‘on our doorstep’ and a little bit further allowing us the opportunity to offer our students a vast choice of educational, sporting and activity based locations.

The links shown on local site information within this section, list places we regularly use and gives a taste of the trips offered.

As well as local area trips we also offer overseas trips to students, including an annual ski trip to Italy for the Y10, Y11 and 6th Form and a Y9 language and history trip to France.