Our aims are to establish and maintain an environment for each student, which will enable them to mature into independent young adults. As this happens, they will be able to learn academically at their own pace, within a guided framework, and so realise their potential.

Simply, our aims are to:

  • Assess each student’s ability and knowledge on initially joining Breckenbrough.
  • Teaching to the highest standards of our profession.
  • Develop and provide accessibility to GCSE and ‘A’ level qualifications.

Mathematics is taught in very small groups within a fully inclusive environment, which aims to be safe and nurturing. One-to-one tuition is sometimes employed to support different learning rates. Work is differentiated to allow the maximum improvement in each student’s knowledge.  This can mean that within a class, students can be studying different topics and at different levels.

Mathematics is an essential part of life but offers so much more, with the ability to solve problems being key to being a good mathematician, as well as being a fantastic life skill. As such, we will ensure that each student will develop their own way of dealing with simple, and complex, problems so giving them a safer and more comfortable pathway through ‘real life’.

Programmes of Study

The students will follow a more individualised programme than is possible in most schools. Generally, students will follow Key Stage 3 up to and until Year 9.  Students are progressed onto the GCSE qualification when they are ready to extend their knowledge and learning. There is also the possibility for students in Key Stage 4 to start A Level Mathematics once they have achieved their GCSE qualification.

As we have an experienced department, we can offer Mathematics up to and including the A Level Further Mathematics course. This means any young person looking to attend good university courses in Mathematics or Engineering has that opportunity as well.

At present we follow the AQA programmes of study for all our certificates. The GCSE  is the AQA GCSE Mathematics 8300, our A Level is currently the AQA 7356/7357 programme.  We also offer the Entry Level qualification in Mathematics if a student is better suited for more of a functional side to their Mathematics.

A general overview as well as more detail can be seen on AQA’s website. This can easily be gained from using the following link: