Post 16

Our aim within the Sixth Form at Breckenbrough is to help each individual student develop personal and social skills by encouraging and supporting them to take a greater responsibility for their own studies and independent living skills. 

Our Sixth Form areas have been refurbished in a way that replicates what it would be like living in a shared independent hall of residence as you may find in a college or university. Here, students are given greater freedom and follow the Independent Living Programme. Students learn to buy their own food and cook meals in their own kitchen. 

Living in the sixth form area can be challenging at times, getting the right balance between a student’s independence and their development as a young adult. We recognise this and that’s why we have a designated Post 16 team who will support and help students to move forwards in their life journey and develop their independent skills. The more students put into their time at Breckenbrough, the more opportunities they experience and the easier the transition into independence and adulthood will be. 

Staff at Breckenbrough want students to succeed and they will support our Post 16 students in every way they can to help them achieve their full potential. By teaching Sixth Form students independent living skills, Breckenbrough is preparing young people for life outside of the school environment. We focus on developing daily living skills such as organisation, cooking, shopping, budgeting and social sharing of a living environment. Students also learn how to have consideration for others and how to plan for the successful transition for when they leave school and enter the world of work or further and higher education. We also offer travel training that is relevant to students who need to travel to and from college. Life can be a bit like a maze, but with our help and support, we can guide our Post 16 students successfully through it. 

Breckenbrough has a great partnership with York College and Darlington College, both of which offer A-Level and vocational courses which some of our students already access with the support of Breckenbrough staff. Students who attended college are supported by our Outreach team, who provide both direct and discrete support each day within the college environment.